Fast And Convenient Ways to Collect Rent

It is a digital world and landlords of all sizes have adopted online payment methods to streamline transactions. Tenantcube brings landlords a simple, modern, and hassle-free way to collect rent, deposit, or any payment from tenants. With our unique property-based banking system, each of your properties can be linked to a unique bank account, eliminating potential accounting complications and making rent collection seamless

Online payment options also provide convenience to tenants, enabling them to make payments on any device, anywhere.

Property-Based Rent Collection: Each property, its own bank account.

Fast Payment Processing: Receive payments within five business days.

Stop losing money on percentage-based fees - Choose our $4 flat fee per transaction.

Direct deposit to your chosen bank account for the right property.

Prompt notifications and easy follow-up.

Get paid on time and in full, every time.

Convenience your tenants will love.


Our innovative property-based banking system delivers rent payments for each property and falls directly into its respective account every month. Autopay can also be set up, giving you peace of mind knowing your rent will be collected on time and seamlessly transitioned from the tenant to you the landlord.


Linking each property to its own bank account is a breeze with Tenantcube. We've streamlined the process, making it fast and simple. Accounting and reconciliation are a breeze now.


We are the only company in Canada to offer a property-based banking solution, we're proud to revolutionize the rental property industry. With Tenantcube, managing multiple properties, each with its own corporate entity and bank account becomes a seamless experience.

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