Property management and beyond

We help landlords connect with their tenants and make managing properties an enjoyable experience.

Why Tenantcube?

Andrews Moses (Andy) rented out his first property to a seemingly great tenant and it took a turn for the worse because he did not vet the tenant enough. He understood that his idea of breezy secondary income was in fact a serious business in itself that needed constant vigilance. So, as a new tech-savvy rental property owner, he set out on the hunt for a tool that can help him manage his properties. And he discovered a seriously underserved market.With his background in IT, Andy decided to build a ‘property management tool for every landlord.’ The woes of a ‘Mom & Pop’ landlord were no less than those of a large multi-property owner.

Who we are

We are a team of innovative and talented individuals who are passionate about building solutions from ideas, especially ones that help solve real problems for real people. We are also landlords, property managers and tenants, so what we build also represents what each of us need.But it is not always so serious. Having built Tenantcube from scratch during Covid, from Andy’s basement, we have all become more than just coworkers. Between figuring out the best way to make customers happy, we compete on who makes the best espresso, go on short runs to avoid nodding off after lunch, brag about how healthy our diet has been that week (except for the cheesecake), and not a single meeting ends without Andy’s toddler’s update about his chewy toy.

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