Tenantcube rental application

A rental application is the first step in finding your next tenants. It has information about your applicants that will help you understand their lifestyle and forms the basis for a detailed screening, like credit checks, reference checks, background and criminal checks. With the Tenantcube rental application, you can.

Get comprehensive, clear and detailed applicant information

Filter, sort and shortlist applications from the platform

Screen, approve or decline applications online

Stop chasing documentation

Our rock-solid digital rental application gets it all done, so you get more time to spend on people rather than paperwork.

Run through applications with a fine-tooth comb

We know the importance of finding quality tenants. That’s why we help you perform complete background checks, including credit, public records, and eviction history.

Make it easy for tenants to apply

The online application is free, it can be reused, and it’s secure. Not to mention the ease of applying with co-applicants, from any device.

Avoid awkward conversations

To find the right tenant, you may need to reject a lot of applications that don’t pass the test. Decline applications online, and trigger a politely-worded email to the rejected applicant that leaves no room for questions.

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