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Why Choose Tenantcube

Equifax Credit Report

Get a comprehensive credit report from Equifax. This comprises of the credit score and a full credit report, which is one of the strongest indications of a tenant's financial situation and payment history.

Social Media Check

Our check searched the applicant's social media and other external media. According to Canadian Privacy Rules, we only check their public accounts and do not access or collect any private information.

Public Document Scan

The public document scan performs real-time searches of more than 200,000 databases for criminal histories, court decisions, prior evictions, and any other documented information that you as a landlord should be made aware of.


Have a few questions? Here are the answers.

What info do you need from tenants?

– You will need the tenants name, address, date of birth, and SIN or Driver’s License, as well as consent to be able to pull a credit report.

Where are you located and what is the Area of Service?

Tenantcube is located in Ontario and we service all of Canada and the United States.

How does the pricing work?

Per credit check, we simply charge a one-time cost. There are no monthly subscriptions or service costs.

Will this affect a tenant's credit score?

Although the credit inquiry will appear on the applicant's credit report, since this is only a soft check and not a formal credit application, it won't have a significant impact on their credit score.

How do I create an account?

You must finish your first report order before you can register an account. You will then be emailed with instructions on how to create a username and password in order to log in and securely access your tenant report. To make your first purchase, click the Get Credit Report Button and fill in the required information.

Is my data secure?

Our top goal is to keep your information safe. All renter and landlord data is encrypted and securely kept. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

What is included in the Background Check?

The Background Check performs real-time searches of more than 200,000 databases for information that you as a landlord should be made aware of, including criminal histories, court decisions, prior evictions, negative press, social media profiles, public biographies, former jobs, and other information.

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