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Tenantcube Rent Guarantee - Protect your property, and secure your rental income. | Product Hunt

Single platform for everything you need

Tenantcube provides all the tools needed to list your rental property; find and place a qualified tenant; collect rent and manage property expenses; as well as maintain and coordinate property maintenance.

Free Property Management Software

Bundled software solution for operating your rental business from one application. List your property, generate leases, track applicants and more.

Credit Report

Run a credit and background check on your shortlist to be confident in your decision as a landlord.

Onboarding Platform

Attract and find the best tenants, list properties, screen tenants, and digitally sign leases.

Rent Guarantee

Protect your rental property, and secure your rental income. Up to $60,000 in rent protection.

Digital Management

Manage your rental from anywhere and on any device, and provide the best tenant experience.

Tenantcube's Expense Tracking feature is going to make everyone's life easy! At the end of the year, I am able to file taxes without having to go back and forth with my clients.
We trust Tenantcube because it works best with our brand, using the most modern technologies and best practises that will raise the bar for property management across Canada.

Mathew Toussaint

Smooth Property Management

It has been an outstanding purchase and one I would
not hesitate to recommend to any organization who
finds time at a premium.

Marissa Zuliani

Property Management Solutions

How to get Rent Guarantee

Sometimes even the best tenants may have difficulty making rent. Tenantcube's Rent Guarantee protects your rental income so you can take the risk out of renting.

Screen Your Tenants

Invite your tenants to apply online and receive a detailed report including an Equifax credit check, income and employment history, criminal records, a social media scan and more.

Guarantee Your Rent

Upgrade to the Rent Guarantee program and say goodbye to dealing with missed payments.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Renting

We will collect your rent and be there every step of the way to ensure that your rent is always paid.

Learn more about the rental industry

The ultimate resource for landlords – actionable insights and advice on rental properties, tenants, and modern software.


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Rent Collection

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Landlord Tenant Application

Preparing for the Rental Application Process in Canada

Navigate the Canadian rental application process confidently with research, budgeting, and thorough documentation. Your perfect home awaits!
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Tenantcube Credit Report - Simple, confident, stress free renting | Product Hunt