The Journey to Scalable Property Management with Tenantcube

Discover how Tenantcube simplifies property management, saving time and hassle for Canadian landlords like Tara.

Tenantcube reduces property management complexities so Canadian landlords can focus on what matters most to them.


Meet Tara, a busy mom and seasoned landlord in Alberta, Canada, who has managed her rental properties for 20 years. As she increased the number of units she rented, Tara faced growing challenges that many landlords can relate to. Discover how Tenantcube transformed Tara's experience managing rental properties, enabling her to manage more efficiently so she can focus on growing her real estate portfolio and spending more time with her family.

Tara's Property Management Challenges

From initially renting three units, Tara eventually found herself juggling multiple properties. Even though she welcomed the expanded portfolio, each additional rental exponentially increased both the complexity and time it took her to manage the properties, especially as it related to three key challenges:

● Disorganized Documentation: Tara initially relied on Dropbox to store her tenant documents in individual folders. But as the number of units grew, so did the number of records. Searching through emails for tenant applications and ensuring all documents were filed in the right place became an organizational headache.

● Collecting Rent: Rent Collection for any landlord can sometimes be challenging, especially if you manage many units. In addition to the administration time it took to manage rent collection and follow up with tenants, Tara found that reconciling each rent payment to its corresponding tenant every month could take hours and was error-prone when done manually.

● Excess Paperwork: Like many landlords, Tara wanted a property management solution that eliminated unnecessary paperwork. She especially wanted to be able to conduct property walkthroughs digitally, avoiding the hassle of paperwork that could easily be misplaced or, in her case, turned into colouring material by her toddler.

Tenantcube: The Landlord's Easy Button

Tara started to evaluate property management tools and software available to her.After considering a few options, she turned to Tenantcube, which catered specifically to the Canadian rental market and offered key features that would solve her primary challenges.

● Centralized Organization: Tenantcube offers a centralized platform where Tara can easily manage tenant documents for the growing number of rental units.

● Automated Rent Collection: With Tenantcube, the once tedious and time-consuming task of rent collection became streamlined, saving Tara hours every month.

● Digital Documentation: Tenantcube's digital lease signing and walkthrough features mean that Tara can meet tenants with just her iPad, conduct the necessary documentation, and have them sign digitally—no more paperwork, no more scanning, and definitely no more colouring on essential documents.

● A Solution for Canadian Problems: Unlike American-focused tenant management software solutions, Tenantcube caters to Canada. From understanding the nuances of Canadian tax receipts to ensuring compliance with provincial and federal regulations, Tenantcube is built with Canadian landlords in mind.

The Outcome:

With Tenantcube, Tara discovered a property management solution that would allow her to continue to scale her property management business seamlessly.

● Value for Money: Tara found Tenantcube's pricing model reasonable and of significant value compared to other solutions, especially considering it's a comprehensive solution designed for Canadian landlords. The platform offers four bundled service packages that include features such as customized leases, rent collection, and walkthroughs.

● Peace of Mind: With Tenantcube, Tara no longer had to worry about misplacing documents or spending hours reconciling rent payments. Everything she needs is in one place, accessible at the click of a button.

● Future-Proofing Her Business: As Tara plans to expand her portfolio further, she knows that Tenantcube will scale with her, providing the same level of efficiency and organization, no matter how many additional units she adds.

Let Tenantcube Help You Build Your Empire

Tara's journey with Tenantcube is a testament to the platform's ability to simplify and streamline property management. Whether you manage one property or 100properties, Tenantcube offers solutions that will transform how you manage your portfolios so you can do more in less time and with fewer hassles. Join Tara and countless others who have switched to an easy-to-use property management software with the busy Canadian landlord in mind. Discover streamlined property management with Tenantcube today.

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