Smooth Property Management

Smooth Property Management switches from Buildium to Tenantcube for a more transparent and swift tenant communication experience.

About SMOOTH Property Management

SMOOTH is a property management company based out of Southern Ontario, and manages properties in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, London, Woodstock, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga Toronto and the surrounding areas. They offer high-end property management services with their core values being hospitality and integrity.

The Challenge

Our top priority is the ease of the solution for the tenants, and since they were having issues with our old platform, we decided to switch directions.

Mathew Toussaint,
SMOOTH Property Management

SMOOTH was initially using Buildium but found it very difficult to navigate around all the features. It proved overwhelming for them to spend a lot on a software and not even need most of the features on offer. It was also complicated to use, and their tenants had a hard time figuring out how to make rental payments from their end. Since SMOOTH’s priority was to attend to tenant concerns and maintenance requests as quickly as possible, they decided to look for a solution that was transparent and straightforward. They wanted to switch to a tool that their tenants would find easy to use.

The Solution

SMOOTH Property Management first noticed Tenantcube on LinkedIn and reached out to the team. They were excited to learn that Tenantcube was built by a Canadian landlord, and what’s more, all the features they needed were well-laid out on their platform and super straightforward to use! Right from property listings, tenant payments and tenant applications to maintenance requests, Tenantcube stood out over Buildium in every way.

Features are well laid out on the platform and straightforward to use.

Mathew Toussaint,
SMOOTH Property Management

They were particularly impressed by the property listing feature, which allowed them to find interested applicants for any listed property in a very short span of time. As a first step, SMOOTH listed two of their available properties, both of which had a huge response in terms of applications and were filled by tenants immediately. After that, they never looked back. The Accounting feature is also something that they find immensely useful - it has helped them organize business. With Accounting and the Work Order Management feature both available, they are planning to remove their current CRM and use Tenantcube for everything.

What they love

  • Great support from the Tenantcube team - both for them and their tenants.
  • Constant updates to the platform with addition of cool features.
  • The simplicity of use, which is confirmed by their tenants’ willingness to use the platform
  • All the features they need to grow as a property management company are available on one platform.
We have been most impressed with the amount of flexibility that Tenantcube offers, the amazing customer service, and all the new features in the pipeline.

Mathew Toussaint,
SMOOTH Property Management

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