Why and When do You Need a Work Order Management System

Property owners and managers feel handling maintenance and repairs in rentals is fairly simple, until they actually start managing them.
Madhu Vijayakumar
March 1, 2022
3 min read
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Property owners and managers feel handling maintenance and repairs in rentals is fairly simple, until they actually start managing them. A property’s value can increase or decrease depending on preventative maintenance and prompt repairs handling. Timely response is also a major factor in a landlord’s success in retaining good tenants. A work order management system will work wonders for smooth operation of your rental properties.

When do you need a work order management system?

A landlord’s first thought on a maintenance request is to try and fix it themselves. This may be easy when you have a couple of properties. But as you get more successful in property investment and your portfolio starts growing, it may not be as easy. Or, you may just prefer to have a hands-off approach and let professionals take care of things at your property.

While landlords can handle minor repairs themselves, there may be situations where you may need to hire a technician or a contractor. It may be easy to coordinate jobs as long as it is just one job at a time. But when things start to pile up and you are engaged elsewhere, you may find it overwhelming or even difficult to keep up.

To make it easier for landlords to stay organized and to ensure things are running smoothly, a work order management system is essential. Read on to understand how you can coordinate maintenance at your properties from the comfort of your own home.

Why a work order management system?

A process for your tenants to submit requests

It may be the landlord’s responsibility to keep the property habitable and even enjoyable for tenants but a tenant has some obligations too. One of their main responsibilities is to keep the property clean and safe and if any damages were to occur, they should communicate it to the landlord. So why not make it easy?

Supplying tenants with a process and mode to raise maintenance concerns immensely improves communication and prompt reporting from tenants. With a work order management feature like in Tenantcube property management system, landlords can provide access to tenants to report damages or complaints with pictures that can be prioritized and addressed accordingly.

Seeing responses and updates on the status of the repairs will greatly increase a tenant’s trust in the landlord and improve tenant satisfaction.

Prioritize and schedule jobs

All maintenance requests need to be addressed, but some need to be fixed sooner than others. It would not make sense to take up repairs on a first-come-first-served basis when some need urgent attention. For example, a lightbulb may need to be fixed, but a broken thermostat takes precedence over the lightbulb and demands the attention of the electrician first.

Schedules are set based on the priority, deadline in case of ad-hoc requests and in a dedicated time for routine maintenance. So prioritizing tasks may help schedule jobs in the right order for the well-being of all tenants. Setting a schedule helps to keep track of tasks to be completed and to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Assign jobs and keep track

The task at hand needs to be assigned to the right technician to be completed. Be it a simple leaking faucet or an extensive roof repair, having the contact of technicians in your property management system allows you to quickly assign an available field agent to get the job started.

Once the job is underway, adding notes help document the progress, analyse the best way to handle the job, and put everyone’s mind at ease. This is a great way to understand the reason for delays, take consideration of additional requirements and decide on the best course of action.

Use Tenantcube to manage your rental property maintenance

Whether you are a seasoned property manager or a new rental property owner, Tenantcube makes your life easier by helping you set the right systems in place. Avoid mistakes, adopt the best practices and be stress-free property management experience.

The Tenantcube work order management system addresses all your needs to manage maintenance tasks at your properties and is easy to use. It also comes with a mobile app so you can stay on top of your tasks anywhere and from any device.

Disclaimer :

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Madhu Vijayakumar
March 1, 2022
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