Top Platforms to Advertise Property for Rent in Canada

Boost property visibility in Canada with top advertising platforms. Online, specialized, and traditional options are covered.
Andrews Moses
August 17, 2023
4 min read
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Whether you're a novice landlord or a seasoned property mogul, successfully advertising your rental space can be the difference between a steady income stream or a stagnant property. This blog post will take you on a tour of the best platforms to advertise rental properties in Canada and provide valuable insights into maximising your returns.

Advertise Property for Rent on Online Marketplaces

One of the most common platforms to advertise rental property in Canada is online marketplaces. These platforms offer a wide audience and convenient functionalities to showcase your property at its best.

Kijiji: A household name in Canada, Kijiji is a free classified ad site where you can list your property under the 'Real Estate category. The site also offers a range of paid features, such as "Top Ads" to boost your property's visibility.

Craigslist: Known worldwide, Craigslist offers free local classifieds where you can list your rental property. Despite its basic interface, Craigslist has many daily active users, making it a viable platform to reach prospective tenants.

Facebook Marketplace: In the era of social media, Facebook Marketplace has grown exponentially as a trusted platform for renting and selling properties. It's easy to use, and the social aspect allows potential renters to learn more about you as a landlord.

Trovit: Trovit is a classified search engine that operates in over 50 countries worldwide, including Canada. While not purely a real estate platform, Trovit's real estate section is extensive. It aggregates listings from various platforms, giving your property a wider reach. Its intuitive and user-friendly design attracts a substantial amount of daily traffic, making it a good option to advertise your rental property.

Advertise Property for Rent on Specialized Real Estate Platforms

Specialized real estate platforms, often called property rental websites, offer advanced functionalities to target specific market segments. Catering specifically to the Canadian rental market, is a prominent platform that provides comprehensive tools for landlords. The website's robust search filters ensure your property reaches the right tenant demographic. Operated by the Canadian Real Estate Association, is a go-to platform for selling properties but also has an extensive section dedicated to rentals. This platform has carved out a niche for itself in the Canadian rental property market. provides exposure to a wide audience, including relocation companies, real estate professionals, and corporate clients. They also syndicate your listings to other popular property rental sites, giving you broader exposure with each listing. Predominantly serving Western Canada, offers landlords a quick and easy way to list properties. Its competitive advantage lies in its detailed search functionalities that include filters for pet-friendly options, proximity to schools, and commute times to the city centre. The platform also allows landlords to share a detailed description of the property, multiple photos, and even a 3D tour.

RentCanada: RentCanada is a comprehensive platform designed to simplify the rental process for both tenants and landlords. This site offers a range of categories, including apartments, townhouses, and more. Its interface is user-friendly, with detailed search filters to help potential tenants find exactly what they're looking for, making it a great platform to reach out to prospective tenants.

Advertise Properties for Rent in Local Newspapers and Community Boards

While digital platforms reign supreme, traditional methods can still pack a punch, particularly for older demographics or in smaller communities.

Local Newspapers: Local newspapers often have real estate sections where you can list your rental property. These platforms cater to a dedicated local audience and can be highly effective, especially in less tech-savvy demographics.

Community Boards: Physical community boards located in supermarkets, libraries, or community centres are a traditional but effective advertising method. They are often free and can reach a localized audience.

Leverage Property Management Companies

If you own multiple properties or live far from your rental property, leveraging a property management company can save time and optimise your rental process. These companies handle everything from marketing your property to tenant screening and property maintenance.

Regardless of the platform, how you present your property significantly impacts potential tenants' interests. High-quality photos, a detailed description, and transparency about rent and utilities can make your listing more attractive. Remember to highlight any unique selling points, such as proximity to amenities or unique property features.

Make Advertising Rental Properties Easier with TenantCube

Looking for an easy way to manage your rental listings across multiple websites? Discover the power of Ad Syndication with Tenantcube. Using our ad syndication service, when you create a listing on Tenantcube, it will automatically be pushed across our partner websites, including  RentBoard, Rentfaster, Rent Canada, Trovit, and, so your vacancy reaches a broader audience. 

In addition to ad syndication, Tenantcube gives you the ability to create your own branded website for all your properties without any knowledge of coding using our Property Listing feature. Between ad syndication and property listing, you can get more qualified leads by showcasing your property in the best light possible and by pushing your listing to major listing sites in Canada in a matter of clicks. Learn more about how Tenantcube can help you easily advertise your properties and find great tenants for all your properties! Contact us today.

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