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Tenantcube for Property Managers

Most people know Tenantcube as the platform for landlords, but did you know Tenantcube has a passionate and growing group of property managers utilising the tenantcube platform to help manage their rental operations?
Darren Shortt
August 18, 2022
6 min read
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Most people know Tenantcube as the platform for landlords, but did you know Tenantcube has a passionate and growing group of property managers utilising the Tenantcube platform to help manage their rental operations? That’s right, Tenantcube for property managers helps make life easier by streamlining three important processes that before, may have required multiple solutions or more traditional methods. Here I am going to break down the three ways property managers can use tenantcube to more effectively manage their rental portfolio.

1. Onboarding

Tenant onboarding, some may ask, what is it? Tenant onboarding is the set of actions required to market, screen, and lease a Tenant. Tenantcube supports your onboarding efforts by bringing all of the tools and techniques you need, together, under one umbrella. Each of the three key tenant onboarding areas are broken down below.


Marketing a vacancy with Tenantcube is easy. Instantly generate a Tenantcube listing with only a click, this can be done through an existing property in your account. Not only will this provide you with a Tenantcube listing which can be branded and pushed across social media platforms like facebook, it can also be embedded directly into your website via our easy copy code solution or applied to major multiple listing sites through our premium syndication.


If tenant onboarding is something you do regularly, you may do quite a bit of applicant screening. Not only is applicant screening one of the more important aspects of tenant onboarding, it’s also one of the most time consuming. We’ve helped to make this easy by allowing you to easily send digital applications directly from your dynamic Tenantcube listing page. When digital applications come back into your account, they’ll come complete with all information and uploaded documents. Tenantcube users can then easily access Equifax credit reporting and ID verification tools to help ensure information is correct and verified from third party sources.


Lastly, leasing. After you’ve completed screening potential applicants and you’ve decided to move forward with a chosen candidate, Tenantcube can help you complete the deal by allowing you to process insurances and rent deposits. We’ve partnered with both Duuo insurance and Zumrails to help make this easier for both you and your applicants. However, you collect payment or insurance, it can be noted inside the system. Once you're satisfied you can wrap it up with a lease. When property managers use Tenantcube they can take their preferred lease and have it instantly generated, complete with data available from the applicant and from the property listing to help streamline the process. After a quick review and any edits, simply select generate and then send it out to all parties for e-signature. Once it’s complete you’ll be notified and have copies accessible for both you and your new Tenant.

2. Rent collection

After completing tenant onboarding, you’ll have the option to set up automatic rent collection for your Tenant. When you automate the rent via Tenantube, you do so using the power of Zumrails, our secure payment processing partner. Once activated you’ll be able to easily request and collect monthly payments drawn directly from your tenants bank, and deposited directly into yours. Set up is as easy as filling a few details and sending the request out. Once sent, a tenant can easily activate via their bank login.

3. Work Orders

Once you’ve found a tenant and set up their automated rent collection, things may be quiet… until an issue arises, that is. When an issue does arise, if it’s important you will want to know about it, and if it’s not, you may not want to be bothered by a number of calls or text messages during odd hours. This is why we’ve developed a ticketing system which is easy to use for tenants and managers alike. Using the Tenantcube ticketing system tenants can report issues by providing you with the details via a ticket which can be created from the Tenantcube, by logging onto the web, or even via scannable QR codes which can be printed for the inside of rental units (these QR codes also work great in communal areas for multi-family properties or student rentals)

These are only a few of the ways in which you can use Tenantcube to help efficiently manage your rental operations. If you would like to learn more about introducing a plan to help your team streamline your operations with a digital first approach aided by a mobile experience please feel free to write to us at we’re always interested to learn how we can help!

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Darren Shortt
August 18, 2022
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