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Does Your Property Management Software Treat You Well?

Andrews has written about his experience with his first tenant and why he decided to build a property management software to help landlords like him.
Andrews Moses
March 1, 2022
2 min read
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Andrews has written about his experience with his first tenant and why he decided to build a software to help landlords like him.

Read: I built Tenantcube for me, a landlord.

Apart from that personal experience as a new landlord, there were two other important reasons that pushed me to build Tenantcube. One, as a small-time property investor, I was made to feel that I was undeserving of sophisticated software. Two, the complexity of the solutions that were available to me seemed unnecessary. More on this below.

Given my experience with the software and SaaS industry, I did a quick search on Gartner and G2. It was clear to me that property management software solutions was not a new market and there were some established players. As anyone would do, I reached out to some companies like Property Vista and Appfolio.

The following is the actual conversation between me and Property Vista’s chatbot.

Firstly, these companies did not allow for a customer to directly signup and use the product. One had to request access, a strange thing in the SaaS world.

Secondly, they did not have the time to deal with landlords like me who own less than 100 units. Their software worked better for someone with 50 or more units. These software solutions were not accessible to me, someone with 15 years of software experience and having built multiple SaaS companies.

Then again, there were other solutions in the market that performed single aspects of property management. Essentially to manage the property I would need to subscribe to a minimum of four solutions that did not talk to one another. I would end up paying more and spend more time sending data from one solution to the other. This did not seem sustainable either.

I was certain that I was not the only property owner in that situation. A quick chat with fellow landlords and property investors confirmed this, which led me in the path to build a new solution. A property management software that helps DIY landlords to be self-reliant and property managers be more efficient and generate more profit for the owners.

Tenantcube’s business model is set up in such a way that it can cater to anyone with 5 units or 5000 units. Every property owner, landlord and manager will feel welcome at Tenantcube.

This message unsurprisingly resonated well in the largely underserved small property investment market. We are currently working with 20+ landlords and property managers in a closed beta. We work closely with our customers to get feedback and ensure they get the best out of the solution. So no more being treated like a nobody by these enterprise companies.

Tenantcube makes enterprise-level software affordable and accessible to smaller landlords like me.

Come join our small team and grow your portfolio with us. We will treat you well.

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Andrews Moses
March 1, 2022
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